About Me


Abhishek Iyengar 

Writer, Director, Playwright

World Theatre Ambassador, India

  • Studied Physical Theatre Intensive at “Double Edge Theatre”, Ashfield, Massachusetts, United States of America
  • Have been Practising Contemporary Narrative Style of Theatre since 2012
  • 14 Years of Experience in overall Theatre including Writing, Direction, Production/Backstage & Lighting.
  • Conceptualised and Co-founded WeMove Theatre (wemovetheatre.in) in 2006
  • Have been an active Volunteer and member of many Theatre Organisations and associations across United States and India.
  • Have written 6 Major Stage productions which have been staged across all over India and California, United States
  • Have Directed 140+ Stage Theatre plays (Proscenium & Street play format) since 2010.

Some of my Known Theatre Works:

As a playwright & Director I have Written & Directed 6 major Theatre productions in English & Kannada (local Language of India)

The plays Written & Directed in English are:

  1. S I Don’t Love You

A Romantic Comedy set in the suburbs of a city where a couple in Love plans their wedding and then decide to add a twist into their own fairy tale wedding thus adding more drama to the “Big Fat Indian Wedding” story.

  1. Cocktail (A play in English)

Cocktail is Collection of 8 Short stories based on the real-life stories of people in India. Each story depicts a different Emotion and Expression thus adding 8 different variations. The play is devised using the “Black-Box” concept.

  1. Malgudi Express

Malgudi Express is a Play adapted from a very famous novel called Malgudi Days written by R.K Narayan. The play is set up in the backdrop of a pre-independence era of India depicting the life of those times. The play is devised using the technique of creating “Shadows” on stage.

Some of the Plays written in Kannada (Local Indian Language) are:

  1. Namma Metro:

Namma Metro [My Metro] is a contemporary play which deals with issues of how a small-time city suddenly gets exposed to Globalization and the repercussions occurring due to the same.

  1. Magadi Days:

Magadi Days is a political satire where a local government tries to empower by twisting and turning the laws because of which the common man suffers. The play was recently staged at the prestigious “Mission Centre for Performing Arts” California in 2017.

  1. E=mc2

E=mc2 is a thriller mystery unveiling on stage, it’s a story of a Software Engineer who goes absconding. The protagonist of the play who is a Schizophrenic is hired to search the missing Software Engineer and through this journey he unveils many other hidden truths.

  1. Anaavarana (The Unveiling)

Written by me, this play revolves around the contemporary subject of “Re-union” of friends post their graduation. Miffed with their own secrets this 6 friends try to re-collect their graduation days and what percolates out is a series of emotions which were always hidden from each other.

Behind the Stage:

Some of the Programs founded and curated using the nuances of Theatre for Theatre are:

  •  Founder & Curator of Big step

Big step is a Platform created for people to come and explore Theatre and bring out the best in them. An initiative where fresh ideas and new comers are encouraged by providing a stage to learn more about theatre. The Program focuses on bringing out the creative person inside one. It gives you the space to bring out the unknown person inside you waiting to be set free.

  • Founder & Curator of Gully Theatre

Gully Theatre is our effort to take Theatre to those places where people cannot reach theatre. With this program, we try to bridge the gap between people and Theatre thus emphasizing on our goal of “Theatre for All”. Performances, discussions, workshops and much more nuances of Theatre are taken to their respective locations.

  • Co-Founder & Curator of Theatre in Corporates

Theatre is Corporates are part of their regular learning session which involves developing of sense of Togetherness and oneness by using the science behind the Theatre. Performances, Discussions, overview and interpretations are some of the main aspects we try to inculcate in Corporates.

  • Co-Founder & Curator, Street Theatre

Street Theatre is a part of our effort to bring in an awareness on the issues we believe that needs to be raised. Street Theatre revolves around various campaigns which involves performances and post-performance discussions.

  • Founder & Curator, Healthcare for Artist

I founded a program called “Kalavida” & “Kalavide” where custom made T-shirts were printed catering to those who support artist, the profits form each of these T-shirts  is aimed at raising a corpus fund to promote good health care at rural artists.

Awards & Accolades

I have won several recognition for my work in Theatre in India, some of them include:

  1. Titled “Hemmeya Kannadiga” in recognition to my services towards the field of Kannada Contemporary Theatre in 2016 by Radio City 91.1 FM as a part of their 10 year Anniversary Celebrations.
  2. Winner of Australian Based Short Theatre Festival, Short & Sweet in 2011 for a short play called “Taming the Tape”
  3. Winner of National Level Theatre Festival in India for a short play called “3 Humps”
  4. Participated across National Level Theatre Conferences in India
  5. Speaker at many National Level Theatre confluences
  6. Have panned a novel called “14 Barriers” which was published in 2007
  7. Have been a former columnist to National Level News papers in India