God MADE Land, man ALLOTTED Land

It was a quite evening of December 6th 1992 as I sat near by a window of our small 1 BHK house in rajajinagar, the roads were uneasily empty. I sat watching a tyre burn right in the middle of the road.

They are burning the tyres

I exclaimed to my mother who was sitting on her tailoring machine unfazed and doing what she knew best. For me tyres were epitome of a revolution, it was an era where there more tyres on the roads rotating, taking people to places amidst the diminishing play of holding a tyre and stick to create an imaginary wheeler.

We could have played so much more with that tyre

I sighed! The last thing for me to understand then, was about people who were also playing! Babri Masjid and Ayodhya was one incident which was part of my life in more than many ways, through my growing up years the demolition and the after affects of the demolition lingered at every corner and corridor. The schools termed it sensitive, the  elders asked to shut up and the young innocent mind with in me and many like me ridiculed!

What is god after all?

It was more of an oxymoron, the textbooks we studied taught us a lot more about god and faith but what we saw or heard then was completely different! The confusion prevailed whether to believe textbooks or the ongoing hard facts? The Escalating Ayodhya issue between the two biggest religions of this country had created one of the biggest phycological wall in people’s minds, the utter of word “Babri” or “Ayodhya” sent chills during those days of university! Few did not care, few did not even know and few never wanted to talk, it was classified after all though everyone knew about it, strange!

How can you prove faith?

I took this personal journey largely due to my own personal interest and I always faltered at finding an answer, majority believed, belief was belief but now belief had to be proved by both the parties and incidentally both the religions always taught “belief is the only real truth”

In 2010 when the Allahabad high court passed the judgment  in the Ayodhya case, I was in my professional career and still remember the circular my company had sent out ahead of the verdict that discussing, decoding and talking about the judgment was treated as against the company policy! The fear was back, the uneasiness was back, hindu/muslim shared same cubicles and yet they weren’t supposed to discuss openly their perception! Just a day after judgment I went to my cubicle to know a new colleague who had shifted just then, he was a muslim, I dragged my chair turned back smiled at him, he smiled at me, I told Hi, he replied back with a Hi and then both uttered “Coffee”

It was not as it seemed or they projected or may be things changed?

BE2393D2-0FCD-4AC3-BC99-7662F42455FCOver the years people changed and situations have changed, frankly I have my own doubts if people care anymore, there is a sense of tiredness. When the honourable supreme court reserved its judgement in the Ayodhya case, there was a sigh of “Not again”, we had over the times fought over many things and over the years as nation we always found reasons to fight, people wanted to move on, we as a nation wanted to move on and the tyres they had used back then in 1992 wanted to move on for its real purpose as well!

Resilience was slowly becoming a reality

And so was the fact that post the judgement yesterday people had moved on in their minds, we had worshipped enough, we had cried enough, We had laughed enough and we had lost enough. We just needed a mind space where we could pause everything for a moment, hug every one and smile at everyone and realise faith is finding oneself in everyone or everyone in oneself!

God made LAND, man allotted LAND to God

-Abhishek Iyengar




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