It’s not a favour!

An Open Letter to Art Owners and empowered individuals who think Artists Do favours!

There was this moment when I thought, should I really do this? One day on a crazy afternoon I decided to call it quits! The long IT world seemed like a closed tunnel to me then. The calling was somewhere else and then there was a lot of fear in me to pursue it but one day I had to justify the passion in me, after all there was just one life to live!

I always wondered on the fact that will art ever pay me? I mean this has been always a long standing question perhaps the fact that many of us do not venture into arts is mainly due to economics behind it but we are artist and we are not bothered about the economics because we run ourselves on passion! Unfortunately the food I eat and the house I live in doesn’t seem to accept this fact that passion is not accepted as a legit transaction, reality has finally hit.

Traditionally artists are always on the side of mercy! The work we do is just not work but a favour to the society, the real problem is not them who converted art  into favours, the real problem is we who accepted to live with this fact for some strange reason which almost seems silly which is to “preserve art!” But what is the logic behind preserving art when there are no artists left?

As times are changing the point to pursue art is increasingly becoming difficult and I respect the fact that inspite of hurdles some one really takes the point to pursue art! There are difficulties and there will be difficulties always, art has never been easy, history always has a proof for it but yet individuals come together to always make sure that art has always prevailed, why is that these individuals strive anything in protecting stuff! Probably they just do it with a belief that some one on the top will stand by them and guide them for a better society or perhaps they just imagined this world without art? Or they are just simply over excited? And yet, time and again these individuals have been proven wrong by some one who sits on top of everything with largely a smile on the face which resonates to “Ignorance is Bliss!”

So who is it who got defeated? Individuals who go beyond boundaries to keep the show running or artists who strive to make a life out of it or may be it is the “ART Itself?” There is a haunting silence in the answer!

What is the use of doing something when the ART itself is defeated?

The top empowered people will never get to answer this above question and yet individuals strive to make art happen, eventually the art also happens but the real question is

What could be the real motive behind all these?

Why do the empowered do what it takes to do and at what cost?

What is real meaning behind this whole struggle to make things happen when things do not want to happen?

End of the day

What happens to the artist amidst all these?


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