3 Cheers!

Gloomy light, Table filled with beers and then the occasional outlet to the smoke largely released in proportion to the tension the brain can handle! Suddenly one raises a toast searching his/her mug from the shatters of the platters ordered; placed on the table

To the Eternity! We will Teach him/her a lesson

And there goes the “Three Cheers!” to new beginnings, new starts and so called “New Life”. The story of every break up group starts with the phrase

I will show him/her


A common phrase heard by bar tenders across the country/city who claim some of the “Biggest Revolution” started at the outset of their table. Often regarded as a “game changer” Life in general is a cracked path, I have come across many such instances in my own capacity where the next mug raised in air is for eternity, I have witnessed and been a witness and in both occasions and I have always wondered


Few months back as I traveled around the globe I was asked to research on the exact point of “Break away groups” The bits and pieces of larger groups whom they call themselves “Humiliated”, “Insulted” and “Deprived” The agenda on my plate was simple, a research which justifies the reason, I smiled and laughed, I smirked and for a moment I questioned back

I hope this is NOT a Joke

My study began with the concept of something called “Establishment” every establishment had their turmoils, the meaning of which confused me, I tried to understand “If the concept of Establishment was established to create a window where ‘The deprived’s’ can actually form their own faction? Then why the concept of Establishment in first place?”

At an informal seminar in Chicago post a Theatre show, I was listening to the writers and Directors talking along with their own ensemble, a cold evening as it was expected to be; I was sulking in my 3 layered jacket waiting for my pick up and then the inevitable question popped up!


What’s your take on Breakaway faction?

I got up, wiped my eyes and took my pen/book; turned my voice recorder on, expecting a longish answer only to hear traces of laughter and a sentence back which sounded like

I think the beer they have in those first set of meetings are really strong!

I closed my book and turned the cap of the pen and waited for the car looking at the window! Days passed by, the question always lingered and then there was elections, being an ardent fan of the political mechanism of this country the television was on at 6:30 A.M, state by state clearly there was a winner. It was the most prolific day in the history of Indian electoral system but for me couple of days later seemed more prolific, Goa assembly was hung and the only way one could form a government was

By the return of One Man!

“One man”, The name, the concept, the cry for that man echoed in my ears and then there was this headline which said “That man is an establishment himself!”

An Establishment!

I exclaimed at the word Establishment and then the question in my mind woke up again, if he  himself is an establishment then why is he part of something called an “Umbrella!”?

If his name can actually form a government then

Why does he not just form his own breakaway faction?

Is he not Deprived or is he such a Fool not to realize? My search to find answers suddenly stopped at this point! The puzzle in me seemed somewhat complete, it looked like “Life coming to a full circle”

I went to one of those Bars where cheers roar at its highest peak, where multiple he’s/she’s  get together to say

It’s time to show if it is the root or the branches

I called on the waiter ordered a beer for myself gazing at the window, grabbed a tissue paper and wrote:


The next morning I woke up somewhat relieved and checked a small tick mark against my “TO-DO” list

-Abhishek Iyengar

One Comment Add yours

  1. Asmitha says:

    “He is an establishment !”—–> This though laid both start and an end to a thought process within me !….


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