It was a long Due….

“The Indian Army conducted Surgical strikes across the LOC in POK” A phrase we have been hearing from past few hours, the DGMO’s eyes while addressing the press conference spoke a lot of words which he could have not probably read out! He meant “Justice was made!”


It’s been quite a journey post Independence, we have been hit, we have cried over our martyrs, we have been awe stuck when the western world took their vengeance with vigor, we have always resorted to our “Safe cubicles with AC in its full swing and asked ourselves, if only we could retaliate?”

Couple of years back I had my chance to visit the most debated state in India, Jammu & Kashmir, the state was as normal as it seemed to me, as a visitor, the people seemed as normal as any Kannadiga, Tamilians, Bengali, Maratha, Gujarati, Rajasthini, Delhi’ite… the list goes on… I tried to ask a civilian near the base camp of the word’s highest battle ground, Siachen,

“Do you feel it?”

He replied, “Can you see it in my eyes?”

As we inched closer to the base camp, the visuals changed automatically, there were men everywhere wearing brown and green marching with their heavy boots and what seemed like a very heavy gun hanged from their shoulders! perhaps the weight was immense but they never let their shoulders down!


Their look was intense but they spoke their heart! they did not seem to bother about the every rant social media was flooded with. It was roughly around that time India had created history at Delhi. A man with a massive mandate had vowed to change India, though it seemed very remote sitting in bunkers listening to only All India Radio, I was offered a chance to have a longish conversation; I told them “I write..”

“Then we have stories..” they replied with a cheeky smile on their face.

“What is the feel now?” I questioned?

“What do you want to hear..” one of them replied.

“The Truth, may be..” I dared to reply back.

“Hopefully, one day..” their response was affirmative



Confused and Baffled, I set my journey only to begin to introspect further, luckily my co-passenger was another brave heart! “Hasn’t this gone for too long now?” I began my conversation for which he replied “Our chance is yet to come!”,

“Will it happen?” I reacted quickly to set the ball rolling, for which he replied “May be this time, the hope is positive!”

His response quickly took me back and connected to the whole sequence of talks I had with the group of Army men before my onward journey, my brain slowly decoded the meaning of “Hopefully! One day..” phrase, I recalled how they actually smiled affirmatively and it actually related to that man who had a massive mandate at the center who had then claimed, “We will avenge!”


Their sorrow was not because we have been loosing our men, their sorrow was we had never reacted to it!  Their grief was not that their family’s were waiting eternally for that 10 day break where they could see/feel their father/son/husband/mother/wife, their grief was that they felt constricted, tied and helpless! Their tears was not because they had their posting in an area were they did not know if they actually could see the next day’s morning sun, their tears was because they were just mourning silently. Neither of them actually spoke this but their eyes expressed a lot. It is these men who took oath to protect every inch of the mother land selflessly, it is these men who believed that come what may happen the tricolor at the top of Raisana hill in Delhi stood high! It is these men because of whom we all sit, drink and sleep every night ranting things with a passport kept safely in cupboard which reads “The Republic of India”

Sep 29th, was not a day to debate, it’s a day we celebrate to honor these men who showed us their capability.

It was a long due…….

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