An Open Letter to “OPEN LETTER”- By Abhishek Iyengar

First of all, Open letter I must admit that you are probably the new fever of the country and because of you normal people who are generally regarded as “Readers” are kind of suffering because they don’t know what shit are they reading!

Open-Letter-GraphicI take this opportunity of writing an Open letter to you “Open letter” and NO it is not my effort to recreate any “Christopher Nolan” effect in my blog! “Open letter” you are the biggest marketing technique available to the country as of today, you are the only hope to make things viral, just a mention of the word ‘Open letter’ will take my stats roaring to skies and I know for sure that you have all the capability to leave a long lasting impact on some one’s thoughts, just that the ‘some one” should have all the capability to recollect the exact “Open Letter” among the millions, that feeds on the walls! err, I meant Facebook walls!

Open Letter, its time that you become much more stronger, the Indian Parliament is very keen on reading on every “Open Letter” debating the same in the most structured format, note that again “in the most structured format” and arrive at the most intelligent solution! that is if incase the parliament is NOT busy watching “Porn”, “Sleeping”, “Fighting” and “scratching their asses”

The Prime minister office has requested people to write open letters officially, the Indian government has hired a new secretary who is just enough literate to log on to face book and search for all the wonderful open letters and forward them for serious discussion, forgot to mention that the secretary is appointmented on a reservation quota!

Open Letter, things have become serious, we have reached MARS and I know that analogy makes no sense but it is quite cool nowadays to add “we have reached MARS” for every god damn statement! it shows us we are progressive! for eg! “We don’t have roads but we have reached MARS!”

“The rupee slipped further by 10 points but we have reached MARS!”

“Corruption is deep-rooted into our system but we have reached MARS!”

Open Letter, You can really bank on me as I am a responsible reader who is ready to take on your nonsense with utter most patience and fight for it outside the India gate, of course if I get time after my “cleaning my american Boss’es shoes” , after “watching all the viral videos on youtube” err! wait the fight gets stronger if there are fancy mikes hanging their which reads as “CNN-IBN” or “NDTV”

The best part is yet to come, Open letter, you actually define “freedom of expression” in this country! I can redirect you to anyone in this world and smile with contention that the person it is directed to has read every word and every line of it! You know it is so cool! forget hash tags or tweets, it is so cool to write “An Open letter to President Obama” and the fun part is you don’t even have to make sense, for all the matter you can even write a DDLJ story but hey the best part is; You are already viral!

Oh! BTW An Open letter to Aditya Chopra from my end “DDLJ sucks, Thank you!”

Thank you Open letter for being the strongest and effective mode of communication of this decade, you have made our lives easy, I personally would like to recommend you to Election commission of India to introduce you, ‘Open letter’ as the official means of election!

I would like to see you more in 2015 and like every “Open Letter” should end with a HOPE, I am hoping that you will become the most sensible means of communication after Graham Bell introduced “Communication systems” to this world! Thank you (just following the format of open letter!)


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