I am not with you PAKISTAN, Sorry!- By Abhishek Iyengar

Sorry Pakistan, I am not with you! Call me a hater, call me an ass or phrase me with any adjective, I am ready to take it but I don’t see a point to stand with you! “The world needs peace” is a beautiful line coined by some of the most powerful nations just to make sure those posh global summits sound good! Probably you will not even care if I stand by you or not! but let me atleast make this clear that we have gone through this many times and every time, sources pointed towards you! The local trains, innocent people, the bus stops, our cricket grounds, the cafe’s, the taj’s etc have witnessed what peshawar has witnessed recently. We have cried more to terror than you have smiled (may be). We have seen more blood shed than you could have imagined only to understand that this is just the beginning and there is more terror coming along our way!

After all life is a life, irrespective of hemisphere you live in, they were our soldiers who were killed for the sole reason that they ‘were on duty’ they had their family and their children who were tad unlucky not to get all the twitter attention or a state mourning. We pleaded to stop but NO, blood shed then was just a matter of ‘Political Diplomacy’ One constant fact that history has taught us is that blood shed always has tears associated with it, irony is that both blood and tears both do not understand the language of religion, rights, caste or principles; they are just associated with emotions, emotions that express a free world to live in.

Today its your children, yesterday it was our 26/11, remember the date? the ghastly attack which shocked every indian, Every file that was sent to you probably was just thrown to absorb the dust while we are still waiting here to hear justice to those people who were punished for no reason!

It is tough to say that “we are with you” today especially after what happened between us from past 3 decades, frankly there is no point in being a hypocrite right? That is something that you know better! we are just emotional fools moved by Bollywood films with a only hope that the theatre doesn’t blow up into pieces!

On thing is clear that there is pain on both sides, there are cries for help on both sides and as an old story goes “If a monster can destroy one side and is still left un-attended it gains all the powers to destroy the other side as well” The loss is equal!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. chetan says:

    I stand with you


  2. Divya says:

    Hits the right spot. The problem is only innocent suffer! The ones without a voice.


  3. Vikram says:

    Hey Abhi, good one. But I don’t think this is a very good time to blame any one side. We and our neighbor should stand united and fight terror which is a common enemy.


  4. blganesh101 says:

    Uff! That was really strong and well written.. keep it up.
    do write more.. we miss your blog 🙂


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