Bengaloored?- A Review- By Abhishek Iyengar

“You can take a man out of Bengaluru, not bengaluru out of a man”, Well the old oracle said during the Spartans time! now echoed for the new ‘Bengaluru’. Being run ‘bengaluru Parishe’- a magazine only on Bengaluru for over an year, it was only matter of ‘Time’ for me to watch now a film only on ‘Bengaluru!’. Little known director, ‘Swarup Kanchi’ marks his debut to the cine world with his film ‘Bengaloored!’ A film based on a fictitious character called ‘Babruvahana’ who churns out a new spice of the ‘Bengaluru’ after he returns to the once called ‘Garden city!’ after a decade.

“It is the name of a warrior’s son!” a line in the film justifies it all for such a walloping name! The protagonist of the play depicts the city’s youth, an acclaimed author himself with a best selling book already in his name, Babruvahana or babbu sets out his journey to find that perfect ending for his second book, which is ‘bengaloored’ for you.

The story is well paced in the first half, flummoxing scenes from Bengaluru keeps the audience enthralled, A complete rip-off of super hit film Nagesh Kuknoor’s  “HYBERBAD BLUES”, Bengaloored talks about the changing society, the city itself and the vanishing greenery. “Namma Metro” is not left behind criticism again but the English bound film with Local touch to it did not seem to work out the magic that Hyderabad blues did to Kuknoor.

The technicalities are way behind the class of a professional movie and the very simple editing mistakes were too visible; as simple as when the lead character shows his best seller to his underdog, alcohol ridden writing guru, the seal of ‘Malleshwaram Library’ is very much seen and visible, now explain me why does a author himself borrows his book from library? hang on! it is not only this, an author making 25000 USD from his best seller was way too much over rated! and shows the clear lacking of the film makers knowledge about the book business. The scenes were them selves not much polished, There is this scene where the lead character speaks to his not so dear dad, it is a simple shot with 2 camera angles at 2 different characters with a laptop being the common shot in both the frames; but as the audience are shifted from one frame to other, one can see different laptop screens! which clearly shows the lack of ‘Fine tuning’ to the film, The raising angle for the film is way too much with every alternate scene raising towards the skies! and fading out to the next scene. The film clarity itself is not so recognizable, it was just a DVD quality which did not qualify as a professional film according to me.  The actors did a fair job! Harish Raj- lead character was decent enough through out the film, the First lady of the film badly need some ‘Acting workshops’, ah! god! some one save me from her very silly derived US accent, The line in the film which says “I was working in call center and got trained in accent” doesn’t even qualify as a ‘escapee’ to her accent; Also one of the dumbest reactions i got to see after a lady hears “I love you!”

Veterans Lakshmi Chandrashekar and Srinivas Prabhu play their part but personally being in theatre world and having seen LC performing some of the great roles, this was totally demeaning. The directors special appearance in the film was really not much appealing with totally expression less face and not so impressive dialogue delivery!

Vasu Dixit’s music to the film was totally impressive, The song “Yaardo duddu yellamana jaatre” depicts today’s Bengaluru and could be termed as only savior for the film apart from good cinematographic shots in the first half. The backgroud score was mind blowing but the scenes did not match up the work of musicians.

All in all, I would say that it is definitely a Effort to talk about but leave it there after you finish talking.


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  1. Abhijit says:

    Entertaining review… 🙂

    On a serious note i do believe that these “Fond of English” directors will not do much for Kannada movie industry… Time to change…


  2. baggu says:

    This is a lopsided and premeditated negative review. In fact there are way too many good points in the movie to out-weigh all the negative points listed in the review. For example, the story is the strongest point of the movie. All the sequences are well in order and director never looses the grip in conveying the story. The hero’s feelings can be felt and understood very easily. Actress is has done great job in representing the Bengalore girl who still wants to connnect with her old style of thinking during her childhood. She uses the hero’s as a tool to connect with her good times she spent 10 years ago when Bangalore was the nicest city in India. It has great philosophical touch and it is a must watch for every Man in the world. The teeny tiny mistakes the reviewer pointed could have been very easily ignored, they do not even mattered. This is low budgeted movie and the only sad part is the cinematography. Good cinematography could have fetched this movie a national award.


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