Me Myself and Malgudi!- from thoughts to words

Malgudi Daze! made me have sleepless nights! WeMove’s own Malgudi Daze! April 4th, it was as I stood there in Light room and watched a play which made me rip my nerves! think hard, I stood there with my fingers shaking, trying to control the lighting. Malgudi has been a dream that grew along with me! more over as my mother always said “theatre runs in blood!” I perhaps knew “Drama runs in every one blood!” but theatre? in an era where we have AVTAR on screen! sounds very foolish huh!

A decade ago people called me the same! I wanted to do “Sattavara Neralu” in school, almost 10 years in school, I was  as DUD! Stage was precious to me! little known noticed fact is when i used to step on the school outdoor stage and pretend as if I was acting a shakespshere, It was finally in 8th when I thought I will do a Malgudi! lol:) my brain was equally a dud, school drama was difficult to get in and had to be contended with a ‘Soldier role!” with approximately 2 dialogues!  With an unseen desire, passion and a MALGUDI with me Pre-university was just a waste of time! at-least for me. The Shastri’es were irritating and the sin of not getting into MES college was high, the fear of KLE’s  hooliganism was at its peak! but my mind was fixed to do “MACBETH” adapted to contemporary  Kannada . Laughter rolled out as well as Shakesphere was less famous when compared to the “POOL TABLE CLUB” near KLE or the Aunty’s adda in First block Rajajinagar. A plate of Masala puri followed with Pani puri was always something I had to be content with. As it was just fading away! RK made an entry and this time in the form a book “A SHORT COLLECTION OF STORIES OF MALGUDI!” Having read it countless times and having million imaginations, I acted in my house bedroom much to the neighbor’s surprise as it made them think 2nd PU physics didn’t have” swami” in syllabus!!!

They say golden days of engineering is when you see ‘GOLD’ in it! lol:) I saw a huge amphi theatre and an indoor auditorium deserted and not used at all! When the whole engineering college was busy in electrifying bikes, basket ball! girls, beers, pubs I went to stage with “ROMEO AND JULIET” translated to Modern contemporary Kannada! What could have been a history in college as it was a massive three day play divided into 14 ACTS! turned into disaster with the last day seeing only the gatekeeper sleeping in the auditorium lol 🙂 Ridiculed! theatre was not hep! not happening and was boring. Very true! infact theatre needed a new look! theatre needed something refreshing! with a major push writing MAD-ADDS for inter college competitions was not my kind! I sat there in the middle of what had to be a wonderful motivating theatre auditorium watching when one of my lecturer gifted me book and he had to gift “100 years centenary collection of Malgudi by RK NARAYAN” I laughed at it turned the page to see my stage set-up, it had matured from school and probably was lot better! I read the book all my years of engineering, Different versions of it! different imaginations Malgudi was there in me and with me! even when I attended my first placement interview, it was a moment of laughter perhaps more to add to my theatre sarcasm when the HR asked in interview “Have you by any chance read Malgudi days by RKN”

I smiled and answered “NO..”

Company life had its own pressure! Getting off the bench was such a “pain in the a**” The IT world was rather kind when compared to academia, atleast it did not laugh as loud when i wanted to stage “PARVA” by SL BYRAPPA in English adapting to modern English times, they just sighed and asked me to attend “STRESS HEALING programs by the company!” The work life got hectic to all, onsite was the only aim! Managers yelling! appraisals were nearing, Stress to perform high! so was for me! “STRESS TO PERFORM WAS HIGH” the days went by with pleading the big wigs for a chance! standing in front of gates for a chance to learn! days became hotter and colder with my scripts becoming just a piece of thrash! with passions rolling down on floor my manager had to present me an “Malgudi- an ERA! by RKN” i smiled and said “this is it!”

They say it was Destiny, but now some say it was WeMove! from the gates of barista to orkut scrapbooks! millions of talks, dreams and finally a platform! more so a place to learn, try and explore theatre. Atleast they all accepted when I said “lets try to do theatre first!” and indeed we tried! from “Me my love’s” to Mahaswetha devi’s “Jhonny and Urvashi..” we learnt theatre! “Shadows alive gave me place to learn lighting..” and “T.P Kailasam Marali baa was a chance to meet my destiny, Theatre!

Week ends by week ends, days by days, we rehearsed! only to rehearse for me “It was time for MalGUDI………

and surprisingly did not hear that laugh!

Here I am watching my dreams! my imagination my passion happening LIVE ON STAGE!!!! as I switch the final button I think and Guess “WeMove’d MALGUDI”


6 Comments Add yours

  1. reflectionsofmind says:

    wow! this is setting up the stage and tone for the next one.
    very nicely written. good to know this piece about your history.


  2. Har says:

    Awesome, could feel the passion in your words…:-) hope the world learns about it with Malgudi!!


  3. Ranji David says:

    Nice one Abhishek, takes us through the journey that you have been through. Keep writing, keep reflecting, regard Ranji


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      thanks ranji 🙂


      1. Sharath Babu says:

        Very True! its commendable to have a dream for so long turn into reality!
        Also the fact that its never too late!! 🙂

        Share more experience like these which inspires the onlookers..


  4. Vishwesh Bhat says:

    Nicely written. 🙂 Keep the momentum up. All the best. 🙂 ….. Vishwesh


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