Sneak Peak- The year that was 2009- By Abhishek Iyengar

Yet another year comes to an end, as we say bye to the first decade of the 21st Millennium, year 2009 was in many ways a remarkable and historic year. Like any year 2009 was filled with excitement and its own share of bad and good news! so lets take a while and take a quick sneak peak about the year that just passed away! The Year that was 2009!

2009 started with a new kind of ghosts, this time effecting the whole world! ‘Economic recession’ had masked every individual. The horror of ‘lehmen brothers’ bankruptcy had its own effect on the early days of 2009. Markets crashed all over turning the SENSEX a ‘untouchable area’ The red marks across European and American markets sent shivers across the world, United states of America was sinking and so was the world with it, Year 2009 in many ways served as a responsible year to thousands of people ending up loosing their jobs.

The early month’s of 2009 was a savior to Indian Sailors, the 118 days of drama of pirates being captured and United States giving helping hand the drama finally ended on a high note!

The year that bought us Oscar awards! It was after nearly 2 decades that India got its hand on the oscars, After ‘Salam Bombay’ and nearly chance of ‘Lagaan’ Indian Film industry had lost all its hopes of bagging an Oscar award.  The genius of Indian music industry A.R Rahaman bagged 2 Oscars for his music score in much hyped ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ finally India’s poverty paid off I must admit! and Rahaman became a over night hero!

The World witnessed a real shock March 2009 is a Year that saw the end of communal violence in Srilanka, LTTE chief Prabhakaran was killed in a war between the armed forces and LTTE rebels  in srilanka thus reducing the raising tensions both nationally and internationally. It was a start of a new era in Srilanka as the ‘peace’ was promised in the country

It was a raise of a new epidemic in India, The western world’s gift for India, ‘SWINE FLU’ made a huge news in the year 2009, masked men and women, H1N1 scare drew attention for most part of 2009 thus creating a new wave across the health sector, India was yet again put into test, Pune was worst hit with more than 300 deaths next came Bangalore. The fright was high as ‘cleansers’ replaced water every where, IT companies declared emergency holiday and airports were turned into a temporary hospitals. The Swine flu outbreak in India did make some news with many Ayurvedic and Homeopathic practitioners making money in their own way! Swine flue preventive machine was high on sale and pigs were no more on the MENU even they were really not the cause

Indian national congress was at its peak again, Prime minister Manmohan singh was sweared in for the second term,Sonia gandhi was all smiling as congress gained complete majority, SM krishna was chosen for the foreign minister’s post and to add to the joy of Karnataka, veerappa moily was chosen as ‘Law Minister’. Mr. Singh was India’s new hero and BJP was all held responsible for its own mistakes and defeat. Well certainly year 2009 was not good for NDA

Michel Jackson, the king of POP passed away suddenly shocking the whole world, with few more days left for his much talked ‘THIS IS IT’ come back show! Tears flooded all over the world as people mourned the death of music icon, for past 3 decades MJ rewrote the music industry making record sales all over the world. His death at 51 shocked the world much to his shocking acts and million surgeries on his own body. Year 2009 bid farewell to a legendary musician, Rest in peace MJ

Pakistan Supreme court showed the signs of Democracy with its supreme court questioning Musharaf for his ruling for Emergency rule in the country, Indian cricket started shining at the same time with its path breaking test series win and a chance to clinch ‘Number ONE’ test team in the world

Bharatiya Janata Party found itself again in a soup with its top leader Jashwant Singh’s book on Pakistan leader Jinah! the top leader was forced to resign from the party, his supporters too were shown doors! BJP was really a scape goat in front of congress thus recreating BJP party

Well The year 2009 ended with Indian cricket team achieving the highest spot in test rankings. The sports did make its own news in year 2009 with the ‘TIGER’ vanishing from the ‘WOODS’ and Indian cricket pitches ripped off in front of the whole world, Richest cricket body in the world faced its own shame

The year 2009 also saw two of the most legendary artist “C Ashwath” and “Dr. Vishnu Vardhan”, Kannada film industry will miss their beloved children.

The year that was, 2009 was yet again a ‘roller coaster’ year, as we say ‘life moves on…’ The calender will keep on ticking, Before signing off! here is a brightest moment of the year 2009 in what is most the depressing year for Indian Film Industry

3 idiots! was definitely a reliever

Wishing you all a happy New year and an amazing 2010 on behalf of the entire team of ‘thoughtsUnparalleled’ this is Abhishek Iyengar writing the last blog for the year 2009 and signing off, cheers!


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