India’s top 5 adds- By Abhishek Iyengar- Thanks to Radio Mirchi

Ideally! I should be saying Thank you radio Mirchi! for this article, Well it was indeed my long time desire to point out ‘India’s 5 best adds’ that changed the way we all saw television and Sunday evening Dooradarshan!  By far radio Mirchi helped me today morning with their campaign through one of their morning show where they asked people to vote for their favorite or top 5 adds, well it matched my top 5 as well by a large extent! so here it goes India’s TOP 5 ADDS

5th position:– Shot in late 80’s, 1988 to be specific, this add took ‘Sangeetha Bijlani’ to a top spot; ‘VICCO TURMERIC, NAHI COSMETIC…” from VICCO Industries stands as one of the most memeorable and nostalgic add. The first of the skin cream and antibiotic cream VICCO industries created a huge wave when they for the first time started to showcase their add in Cinema theatre halls. VICCO turmeric Ayurvedic cream was also by far the first add to be translated by all the regional Dooradarshan’s to their regional language. VICCO turmeric’s music almost dominated television sets for nearly 2 decades now and Sangeetha Bijlani will always be remembered for her appearance in VICCO.

4th POSITION:- Shot in 1985, LIRIL Soap add was a revolutionary add in many sense, shot very boldly with heroins showing off bathing on screen LIRIL shocked any average Indian television viewer. The beauty soap was more famous for its charismatic onscreen sizzle!  For over years LIRIL’s add became an Ultimate target for the upcoming actress in the film industry, there was a famous myth, any actress who was featured in LIRIL was known to make big on the silver screen for many years. The music of LIRIL probably was more appealing than any on today’s jingle. In the day’s where medival India was slowly turning its face towards Westernization, LIRIL was a ‘breaking’ ADD in many sense.

3rd POSITION:- It was an era where cricket was never looked as an ordinary game! shot in early 1990’s Cadbury Chocolate’s ultimate add where a girl jumps over the cricket stands and dances on the middle of the cricket field after her fiancee sends the last ball for a sixer to win the game. Probably the most Imaginative add ever made on Indian television where a chocolate add was shot on cricket field, showing people that chocolates are not only meant for children or kids, one of the very few add which showcased adults on a chocolate add. The scene of the girl running onto the cricket field is remembered even today!!! hats off Cadbury!!!

2nd POSITION:-Shot in late 1982’s or early 1983, ‘Nirma Washing Powder’ made its way on Indian television with a big bang! “Doodsi safayye NIRMA se ayyee..” Washing POWDER NIRMA is one add which cannot be erased from the memory books of India. Shot with ladie’s wearing pure white Saree’s NIRMA was a household name and detergent but more than that it was a household Add that every lady remembers. The product was targeted at ladies of India and it took more than ladies of those times.

And for the grand TOP Position there could have never been a better add than this

1st POSITION:- Shot in 1980 this add not only sold its product but also was responsible for ‘National Integration’; “HAMARA BAJAJ” was every Indian’s pride then, BAJAJ scooters were any Indian’s affordable means of Communication and the BAJAJ sccoter add was any Indian television’s theme. The add showcased Indians of all ages, cast, creed and religion coming together with one sound, ‘Hamara Bajaj”. I still remember the day when I sat opposite on my dad’s scooter after seeing the same on the add. Bajaj scooter add brought in that feeling of ‘Togetherness” or “Oneness”, the slogan “Hamara Bajaj” remains fresh in the minds of people today. I salute the add agency, the creative team and the company Bajaj to have shot such a commercial at the times when India needed

Here you go, the top 5 adds that lighted Indian television in  early 1980’s and 1990’s, Well just to end I will add one more add which has always remained as my favorite add.

DHARA:- “JILEEBEEEE…” the cute young boy screeches after hearing “Jilebee..” The Dhaara food oil’s ever green add which raised eye brow’s for its  cute factor remains as one of most memorable and favorite add and i am sure it remains in every Indian hearts as well.


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