Being a Kannadiga on Nov 1st- By Abhishek Iyengar

Karnataka Celebrated Kannada rajotsava on November 1st, Ah! Well very proud Kannadigas did repent the fact that November 1st was a Sunday and they were ripped of one calendar day holiday. Anyway “Kannada maatadu, Kannada usiraadu.. Kannada alavadisu.. Kannada na belasu..” Well great poets and writers stressed upon. The marking of start of the state Karnataka from Mysore holds high regards in the minds of authentic Kannadigas but spare a thought “Is kannada Rajostava today remains just a celebration?” ah! Go deeper and think you will find the impact even today almost after a week of rajotsava.

Our activists have taken the celebration day to different terms! The very symbolic and meaningful Karnataka flag today acts as a Security barrier for all the flashy glassy buildings. Talk about Stone proof glass for your own buildings then take our Karnataka Flag paste on the glass shield and voila! Here you even a Tsunami cannot destroy the glass shield. Many IT companies, Shopping malls and other buildings resort to such kind of activities, but why? I mean we all know the reason or the implication behind it but the real question is “Is it required?” The fear of “Kannadism” is something that can actually break the zeal of real “kannada patriots!”

November 1st, almost all the city’s theatre houses fear to screen non-kannada films, Ya right! Huh! ‘Being a Kannadaiga’ or ‘Being Kannada’ is not “Watching Kannada films” Alas! Our activist can understand that majority of Kannada films are only remake of other language films, who is the real culprit here? The theatre owner or the very creative Kannada film industry?  Autos zoom in with Karnataka Flags flying high only if they had realized that the smoke they emit using kerosene kills of Karnataka or even the path they drive on easily can reduce half of Karnataka’s population.

Fighting out politics when relief work was the main priority or counting the number of seats using an abacus is all what the people who are accountable do, Not screening Kannada film on Nov 1st or not hoisting a Kannada flag on top of the buildings is not a sin against “Being Kannadiga”, The real sin lies in the blood of the people who try to increase tensions by spreading riots and rumors. None of the greats from past in Karnataka called for any violence or riots, be it Kuvempu or Dr. Rajkumar; all that they said was to encourage and spread Kannada; so lets do it, The important deed that we should be doing on November 1st is to teach children the history of Karnataka, Kannada, the richness in the language, encourage people to learn the language, create an open forum where they can try and do something w.r.t Kannada or Karnataka. Use the stones to write on the board rather than to throw, Use the language to teach and talk something better rather than use at one. Use the energy to add to the glory of the Karnataka flag rather than keeping it as a “GLASS defender” hoist the flags spreading a sense of proudness rather than creating a environment for fear.

Kannada rajotsava is for our better, our development not for other’s misery! I hope atleast now that people will spread and safeguard our flag and our respect.

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  1. madhu says:

    Very true. Kannada Activism should not be shrouded in violence. That will only result in people resenting Kannada rather than respecting or appreciating it.


  2. Sharath Babu says:

    The flag that they hoist will be changed only when the next Rajyotsava comes till then it would have battered rainy, sunny, windy days and to add to that it would be smothered with all the thick black smoke emitted by a Kannadiga himself.

    Rajyotsava is just like any other holiday. a day of rest or time of recuperation with friends, family, alcohol.

    All we sit & do is just talk no kannadigas here, no kannada speaking people around. Language is to break the barrier & not to build. By just watching a kannada movie you cant claim to be a kannadiga!

    Know the heritage of your state. Preserve,protect & educate others. Feel the need of change in oneself to change the vicinity!

    “Kannada Ulisi..”


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