Unnai Pol Oruvan- Kamal Hassan’s latest Movie!- By Abhishek Iyengar

The remake of ‘Wednesday’ in tamil drew lot of eyes! UTV’s first major venture into Tamil film industry had a great backing! Kamal Hassan known for his own style, creativity and uniquness found something really worth in remaking a hindi film! Well Unnai Pol Oruvan- was the result of increasing intelligent audience, Gone are the days where film makers can fool people with idiotic one liners and stupid tree scenes. People now  need logic! ah! ya right!

Being an Ardent fan of Kamal, watching this film was inevitable! Banking on the fame the hindi counter part had got! I knew the film’s in out and out butI scouted the movie only to see Kamal hassan and Mohan Lal’s acting! Though late this is what i though of the film very frankly!

Mohan Lal was an absolute disappointment for me atleast! I mean the guy is a great legend, no doubts about that but the character in thsi film needed more firm! and stern outlook! Anupam Kher in hindi nailed the character to perfection! He was decisive and looked the part! On the flip side Kamal delivered a perfect 10! No Second thoughts but the man pulled off the role up his left sleve as smoothly as he could! It matched the temper, the character, the energy levels were high and there were no loop holes in between!

I loved the part where Kamal hassan’s calls up the Police commissioner and says “Mr. I.G. Mara, I am sure you have the heard the State of the art checkoslovian plastic explosives!” Now thats what I call as an Intelligent film!

The technicalities of the film could have been imporoved, The use of artificial sim cards, Router hackings and other system hassles could have been more prominent just to attract people! The fight scnes could have been more crispier but they were definately watchable! The Characters of Sub-Inspector and task force inspector have deliverd what was expected! The TV reporter’s character was bit tonned down, what was surprising for me in both the languages was the simple point that there was no other TV channel covering expect the one chosen by the protagonist, Now who will not believe that media wont rush to the spot when they hear about a bomb in a police station reported on their counterpart channels!

Another important thing to be noticed is the local politics involved in the film, surprisignly the character played by legendary actress lakshmi as the Chief Secretary of TN was absolutely not nesscary, for most part of the film lakshmi so called Chief secretary is not seen and the actress has been under utilized literally! There was no need to dub the voice of the real CM of TN on the phone when the chief secretary talks thus showing that South Indian films are some what biased to some or other politicial parties. The lines where Lakshmi tells that “Ayya i wil handle because no stranger can speak to CM like this easily” was absolutely not needed and was very cheesy! The chief secretary being over courteous to the CM was again way too much and it is a very well know fact that beaurocracy is not a small position according to our Democracy!

The sarcastic fight between Police department and IAS was just an added effect which was really not needed. If you are game to watch an interesting intelligent movie coupled with Kamal’s acting then surely catch this movie as i assure that you will not get bored! however do not expect much out of it at the same time!


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  1. Nandu says:

    I too agree on the Part that Mohan Lal has not done his part up to the mark on the other hand Mohan lal’s voice if replaced by some other Tamil actor it would have gone well. Or It should have been a Rajini – Kamal combo.. it would have been a class..!!!


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