Spooky!really??- By Abhishek Iyengar

(This is a real life incident (my own) that happened in front of me! I am trying to find an answer till date!)

My mother has always been a ardent follower of astrology, be it the street “Bud-Budke!” or the hyped “TV swamiji” Stars play a very important role! and the houses are always an impact!

“Shani is descending on your son!!!” The moment she hears that ‘very typical line’ she gets disquieted! Well I guess every ‘Mother does!”

It was that fateful day, I was still studying or atleast was trying to study for my engineering days! The study holidays played a very important role atleast to eat and sleep and ya study if time permits!, My mom just finished her morning session of local shopping to find me peeping into the television!

“You have to study hard and well!” she squalled! “The shani has hit your studies this time!” she explained, ya right! if only i had bought the text books earlier, the shani would have been more courteous on me! as i was forcefully pushed into the room my mom went inside to attend some work, moments later there was a sound outside, with someone chanting useless lines, without resisting the curiosity further i jumped out of room to find my mom chatting with an old lady who had smeared all her body with ash, carrying a small portable god with a huge handmade bag hung to her right shoulders! she had few cowrie shells in her hand that made her completely horrific!

“Mom!” I exclaimed! “you go inside” she countered! but “what is all these” i questioned

“She is here to tell about your stars!” my mother consoled me!

“Bull shit!” I hollered

As she continued, my mom completely err! or was made to believe in her idiotic astrology!

“The shani and ketu have set their vision on this house and it needs to be cleared off urgently!” she claimed,

Vision? ah! come on! we are in 21st century I laughed sarcastically!

“The shani in you is making you speak all these..” she countered

Yes if only the shani had made me to kick you! ah! I started at her..

“Get me some water, kumkum and a pair of used sarees!” as my mother went inside to get I tried to convince my mom not to believe in this shit and forced her not to give her anything, but she dint believe me and pushed inside the room yet again!

Worried and tensed i cried out..and jumped again from my room to watch the witch doing her tricks again!

“Give me your saree for dristhi!” she demanded me.. as my mom gave her a new sarree, “the shani is very cruel, It requires more Pooja..” “Get me 500 bucks!” I will make sure you are free from all the dristhi!”

ah! F#$%^& come on! mom you are not giving her any money, but I guess by then my mother was completely hypothesized and there was no backing from my mother side! as she went and handed over the 500 bucks! my father came and to his surprise found my mom getting crazy pooja done by an idiotic street monger!

“Are you mad?” he shouted and kicked all the pooja items the witch hhad prepared!

It was suddenly a realization for my mom as she instantly found herself being fooled!

“Ah! I am sorry, i don’t know, there was something she told…” she confronted as my father took the responsibility of kicking her out! with me shouting at her constantly! My mother quickly grabbed the chance to take the sarree which she had given earlier!

“I dont know what happened! she sighed!” and with me shouting still, my mother quickly went to the bath room and washed the sarree and hung it on a stand in our room for drying!

“Thank god! I was saved!” she sat down calmly explaining us the way she was lured!

As she went inside the room after 3 hours, she found the saree which was hung for drying was missing!

This remains a puzzle to me till day!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Anwin says:

    could be that the beggar had returned later to try and steal something, just for revenge.


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      No There was no chance of that! it is a very closed room and it is impossible to steal!


  2. Anwin says:

    One thing I have found out is that we look hard enough we will get a rational explanation. Sometimes it will not be obvious to us. So you may come upon the solution someday 🙂


  3. shivaleela says:

    its all coz of u 😀


  4. Shas says:



  5. Gayathri says:

    Ahhh!!!!!! I did experince the same last month and lost Rs :1000 😦


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