Bangalore’s 5 best- By Abhishek Iyengar

It has been my dream to get this article out! Well finally here it is; With Modernization and globalization Bangalore wears a new look, err! If you think it is yet again the same old gaga about Bangalore vs Modernization, please do hold your breath, it is not!

Bangalore known for its delicious outlets from the times of ‘British governance!”, Well this article summarizes it all, THE BEST 5 PLACES TO EAT in BANGALORE ACCORDING TO ME, THE AUTHENTIC WAY!

1.Veena Stores, Malleshwaram!– Veena stores, IDLY, the humble eat out place on the main road of Margosa road near opposite to BSNL exchange in Malleshwaram today serves more than 300 crates of idly to people! The place remains as it is with very less renovation and with absolutely NO compromise in taste! From College students to retired people, VEENA stores is filled with people 24*7 and if in case you have not tried the “VADE” with idly here, then i guess you have missed out something!

2. VidyarthiBhavan, Gandhibazar:– The name says it all, built in early 1950’s Vidyarthi bhavan stands as a SYMBOL of old bangalore today! The hugely popular “Masala Dosa” soaked with chutney all in a single plate adds on to the taste! the Rava vada as the starter or the Normal Vada as the substitute creates a trend for Hunger even today! The authentic, table chair, with a narrow passage and beautiful pencil sketches of kannada literary figures makes the place an inch more beautiful and authentic! the very oldish style of handing out cut newspapers to wipe their hands tells one the “Style factor of bangalore then” even if the cut newspapers has been replaced by “Tissue papers” today! The coffee to follow after series of dosa’s tickles your taste buds! NO computers, no TALLY!, no MBA et al. The server keeps track of your bill irrespective of number of dosa’s and tables you occupy! the classy style of paying at the exit reminds of the old times when computers were just not the part of society!

3. Mavalli Tiffin Room, Bangalore:- If you are in Bangalore and not yet stepped into MTR even once, then there has to something wrong with you! Mavalli Tiffin room started as a humble eat out, soon rose to a multi-millionaire business but leaving alone the business this MTR hotel on the way to lalbagh stil remains its own charm in many ways! The ever tasty “Rave idly” and “Haal koova” makes anyone’s breakfast memorable! followed by a very strong coffee! as the clock strikes 12! then don’t mind the waiting lounge, it is worth waiting, the lunch served at MTR has been rated as the best world wide, the very 60’s style of serving unlimited meals still remains here, and when it comes to taste, there is absolutely no argument! yes the argument is only to get to the table! The evening snacks has amazing collection of Masala dosa and Rava idly. MTR truly today stands as a synonym for bangalore!

4. Bhramin’s Coffee Bar, Shankarpuram, Bangalore:- famous for ‘Single idly, Unlimited chutney” Bhramins coffee bar created a new wave when it was started in early 1950’s. The concept of unlimited chutney was started here, and the MENU card has only “Idly, VAde, Kharabath,kesaribath” followed by the almost compulsory coffee! in glass tumblers, Bhramins coffee bar still remains the same even there family names are now renowned hoteliers across the world, Adiga’s started its humble beginning from this 20 feet long and less than 10 feet wide place. Expect for the prices the place still remains same and stands as the one of the favorite place to eat and hang out!

5. Shattra paalya or food street now!:- Shatra paalya or called as “Chat street” nowadays! is probably the first of its kind “Street food” in bangalore! Famous then for “Panyaar”, ” Dosa”, “Churmuri-mysore”, “Idly”, “Fried groundnuts”, “Sliced mangoes, pineapple and hassan cucumber” chat street today wears a more modern look! though the old time MENU still remains favorite here, chat street now has variety ranging from all kinds of chat items to home made delicacies. The rules are pretty hard when it comes to selling at Chat street and any one cannot barge in or enter and start selling! the shop owners still hold a priority when compared to street vendors! all in all Chat street resembles Bangalore’s taste buds!

10 Comments Add yours

  1. shivaleela says:

    what abt Domino’s?? πŸ™‚


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      that doesnt come anywhere even near to these 5 places i have mentioned!


  2. sneha murthy says:

    Veena stores has lost its quality now sadly….esp with chow-chow bhath………….and you havent made a mention of Janata hotel in 8th cross malleshwaram…….damn famous for Vade, Masala dosa and hot jamoons!!!!!


  3. Where’s the meat? And booze?


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      next edition


  4. Sumit Dutta says:

    Well dude you should have mentioned strictly 5 vegetarian eating places. If you are a foody then venture to the meatier side and do mention the best non-veg eatery so that people like me gets to eat a humble and decent meal……hehe πŸ™‚ But yes I do love the MTR for its fresh and delicious vegetarian food. πŸ™‚


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      Yes, it will come soon sumit πŸ™‚


  5. Nitin says:

    Good one !!!!
    You should have made it the six best places and included CTR on the list.. I know that the list keeps increasing as Bangalore has so many good eat outs.. Its really hard to choose the best among them.. But the five which you have chosen would be on the top list of any Vegetarian from Bangalore..


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      I know it is very hard to choose… πŸ˜€ Thats why i missed CTR πŸ™‚


  6. kavya venkatesh says:

    oh.. How i love Veena Stores.. One of the reason i love Malleshwaram..!! CTR has changed completely.. 😦


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