A Drunkard’s tale!- Guest article by Pushpa V Murthy

Public transport isn’t new to me and so is not the situation of facing a new set of strange crowd each time I board. But this particular time I happened to notice a family consisting of a couple and a very cute kid who shared a seat for two and the kid asleep on its already slept father’s lap. I wanted to request that man to vacate the ladies seat so that I could get some rest for my legs which were paining after all the tiring day. But the lady’s sick face and the kid’s stature compelled me to give a consideration and so I decided not to disturb the union of the family. I stood very close to their seat leaning against a pole supporting myself. The man who was asleep so far woke up and started speaking. Not that I eavesdropped or something but he was really very loud. Audible enough for the next two to three seats in the same row to be heard. Initially it was the family business but gradually he started off with a casual talk about the city and I found it to be interesting. With his talk it wasn’t difficult to make out that he was totally drunk. He started explaining to his wife, that the road on which we were traveling happens to be NH -7 trying to showcase his general knowledge to his spouse & also told her the process in which a road is constructed. He had a good knowledge on the construction of roads, he explained to her the various layers of materials, the quantity of gravel, tar, etc required to build a National Highway and how it differs from the road they have to reach their hut. We came over a flyover and he took the pride of introducing himself to be a crucial man in building it. He said he used to work for longer hours and the contractor never paid a paise more for the over time yet he was loyal to his work and always used to perform his part of the job to his best. The lady seemed quite impressed to this. It was only till this tale that he sounded to be at his senses.

A few minutes later he seemed to go out of control as he told his wife pointing at a huge apartment under construction, that he remembered his father telling him that the piece of land on which the building was being constructed belonged to their family assets. He also requested her to remind him to check their so called documents after having reached the hut so that in case it was his ancestral property on which the apartments are being built, he would sue them for trespassing and claim for damages. He asked for the suggestion of his wife on his idea of letting them construct the apartment on the land which was supposedly or assumingly his family property on the condition of he getting to own one or two flats in the same building. The poor lady simply smiled at her husband’s ambitious thought while the others including me who overheard his monologue laughed heartily at his fantasy. Feeling embarrassed to this the wife requested him, as to not to speak to her until they reached home and turned away from him peeping out of the window. The man probably thought his wife to be upset with him for some reason and started singing a relevant song to assuage her. He also started using his kid’s back as a drum and kept on patting it, producing sounds from his mouth making it seem as though he is so creative to get those sounds out of the pats on the little kid’s back. To this the whole crowd in the bus started rolling out of laughter making the lady feel miserable.

By this the kid woke up with a cry owing to its father’s creativity. The lady could not stand the humiliation any more. She seized the child from him giving out slang or two which she had probably held up in throat for ever since her husband’s first drop of liquor. She also gave a tight slap to her husband to which he lost his consciousness. She assured the crowd around not to worry about him and consoled the child. By this episode, I had reached my stop and was close to home.
Before boarding the bus I was worried of transporting my entire luggage home which included a couple of heavy shopping bags. But by this time, I was worried about that lady who had to transport herself home with a luggage of a kid and a heavily drunk unconscious husband!

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  1. Sudhi says:

    Another day in our own Namma Bengalooru’s Public Transport…


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