A Comedy play by WeMove

When was the last time you watched a live performance?

WeMove’s most hilarious play hits

Bangalore Once again

This time at RangaShankara

WeMove production’s “Nannavala Kagada”

on August 18th, 2009 at 7.30 P.M i.e tomorrow!

Written by S. Gundurao, Nannavala kagada is a humorous play; the main protagonist of the play is supposed to be a Kannada poet who is admired to write poetic verses for his house helper’s upcoming Bayalu Nataka (Musical drama). On the other hand, the helper dreams of giving the best performance in the upcoming village fair with the help of his master’s poetic talents; least he knows about his own ability to act. The play then takes a different route when the post man of the village encounters the helper when he is busy practicing for his musical drama. At the same time his wife, a typical middle class woman who is an illiterate condemns her husband’s ability to be a poet. Upset by his wife’s poor support, the hero of the play teases his wife as an illiterate. This is where the wife challenges her husband and pledges to read and write within a month’s time. What happens next? Please come and watch to know what happens next. The Play has already been staged at

Sevasadana, Bangalore

Rangayana, Mysore

Naani Arena Bangalore

Directed by

Abhishek Iyengar

Cast of the play

Rangaraj Bhatracharya * Sri Harsha * Madhuvanthi * Hanu * Abhishek Iyengar

Production by

Bharath Kashyap

For tickets and other information contact: 9886062324/9980169269

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharath says:

    The play was just ok, its like a much hyped but did not live up to the expectation.
    The script though good screenpaly was not upto the mark could have been made better.
    Except for hayawadana rao part and cheluwas part by rangraj and sri harsha the rest failed to get a note.importance to Dmamayanthi’s part by maduwanti could have been given.
    a very ordinary lighting and totally pathetic music score.
    The director could have doen a much better work.The scene where reading of letter comes there on both the ocassion one at hayadana rao home an done in in laws home could have been bettered. Music there would comliment the scene.
    The whole drama theme revolved around the lette and it was jus for ten minutes of the 65 min long show…
    All The best. fo rth enext endevours.
    hope this critic is taken positively, but if u guys feel that all these ae crap than i regret to give my feed back.


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      Hi Sharath,
      Thank you for your feed back! We appreciate your feedback! But we would also would like to clear few things!
      1. WeMove performs plays at a very less rate and all WeMove plays are followed very rigorously by people, I request you to not to mis understand this following to “Hype”
      2. Screenplay and script- Written by a legendary writer S Gundurao who has already proven his wiring skills on numerous occasions and also by receiving awards, I guess none of us can really comment or have the potential much on the script, lets do this by not hurting the 87 year old writer who is still on his toes to write new plays!
      3. The play depends completely on the characters you have mentioned! there was no much need for other characters to get equal importance, every character has its own importance and they are judged according to individual perception, We respect your perception too..
      4.Lighting and music did what they had they do for this play!
      5.Every play is a learning step for every one!

      Also We would like to mention that Every play has an intention towards it, Nannavala kagada had the sole intention of entertaining people, may be like a comedy show! We dint want any theatrical technicals to be involved in the play as we often criticize theatre being boring! not exciting and not entertaining! We have huge other productions in past and also coming up where Lights, music and movements etc other theatre aspects are pinned to perfection! We dint want the same with this play which was very well known to all the people at RS and also other audience!
      I would end up saying that you have done a better job in reviewing the play but also unfortunately you have chosen a wrong play to review!
      Anyway thanks a lot! for reviews!! Hope to see you at all our productions


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