The Masked Fear- H1N1- By Abhishek Iyengar

Swine flue at its peak! Pune worst hit with more than 14 deaths, Our Bengaluru also recorded its first victim! Looks like the swine flu has created enough din among the people! The city of Bangalore has submerged inside green colored masks! Many of which sold out at exorbitant rates and which are not even N95 masks! People are left with no choice other than using hand keys and other piece of cloths around their mouth to save themselves from the ‘So believed Country’s biggest pandemic’ but studies show surprising facts! The common flu takes away an average of 537 lives during this season! Dengue, Maleria and chickengunia have reportedly claimed more lives than H1N1. Leave alone! The diseases, the social epidemics such as Dowry harassment, child molestation and other forms have believed to be more critical but why that H1N1 is has suddenly shot right into the fame! Media? Top news channels today are believed to have the ability to create anything be it good or bad! Every news channel today starts the day with giving out a total number of deaths in the country! The questions that raised to me is “ARE WE STOPPING A PANDEMIC or SPREADING A HYSTERIA?” people are going quip, A bus conductor was wearing a mask and sitting in a empty bus which had no one expect the driver! When I asked him with great difficulty the reason, he says “Mask haakondre H1N1 Barolla” (If you wear mask then you wont get H1N1) to be more specific it was just an ordinary mask not even a prescribed N95 mask.

We educated are no better! There was a huge cough by a person in my office and people called an ambulance and admitted him by force with out even touching him or trying to go near him! Later it turned out to be a normal smoker’s cough! Which he kept on telling! If you have a running nose, you are looked like terrorists! We are becoming more Japanese in tradition than being an Indian! Well a friend of mine bowed to me instead of giving me a hug or hands shake, and he mentioned “It is better to be Japanese nowadays than to be an Indian” Well the fact is that all these are done to contain the pandemic which is obviously true but definitely at the same time there has been a mass hysteria created across the people! Thanks to media!

A piece of information to share along with this which is doing rounds already!

It is believed that the homeopathy medicine ‘Gelsemium 30’ has been proved effective clinically in the treatment of swine flu in France a decade back and has been reported in the British journal of Clinical Medicine.

It is believed that Influenzium 200 – 3 doses on day

Next day Gelsemium 30 – 30 ml next day – 3 doses might improve your immune system against H1N1

 (the above piece of information was taken from a statement given by a well know homeopathy doctor and should be taken after a doctors prescription)

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  1. A N Vinay Kumar says:

    Good article Abhi, and very valid points indeed.


  2. Nitin says:

    A very well structured article which speaks out , whats running in the mind of most Indians..


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      Thanks a lot


  3. Lively says:

    Very good and very much needed article. The mass panic is being caused by media, which is really sad. Though we need to be careful as a routine and extra careful in the wake of the pandemic, we should realize that there is no need to panic.


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      Thanks a Lot



  4. Sagar Moudgal says:

    A good analysis, in deed the death caused by several other reasons are surely high. The role of media is very important as u have brought out.
    Ironically when we have patients coming to india for various treatments even complicated child heart surgery (rem a pak kid being operated in a hospital in bang?)
    when india is being chosen for medical tourism we have this break out an da super support by media si helping india in the other way.
    treat this as one more issue and try sorting it out rather than creating havok.
    am sure indian minds are working on the remedies for al these probs but allow time to heal on its own..


  5. Cool site, love the info.


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