Whose idol are they anyway?- By Abhishek Iyengar

(The article is Just an imaginary creative work!)

Thiruvalluvar idol was installed amidst all the hoopla created by the activists!

“It’s a beginning of new chapter” claimed the Karnataka Chief minister who was under tremendous pressure and constant bashing! Every one’s opinions were counted expect for the greats themselves! Well we just imagined what could have happened!

The conversation between the greats themselves Thiruvalluvar and Sarvagna after the installation

Sarvagna:- Ah! finally, you get to see the light!

Thiruvalluvar:- Well! I was tired of being covered in darkness (covered by polythene bag!)

Sarvagna:- Thats so ridiculous right? I mean you showed light to many through your works and now you were put in dark ! ha ha (laughs)

Thiruvalluvar:- I still remember one of your tripadhi which said

Circling around the temple
without devotion without dedication
is as useless as an ox circling around a mill- Sarvagna

Sarvagna:- Ah! you said the same, din’t you? when you preached

Better than performing Yagas pouring flesh in fire
Is one life unkilled , uneaten- Thiruvalluvar

Thiruvalluvar:- By the way, congrats on your installation too, August 13th is not too far!

Sarvagna:- Yes! finally, I was almost tired of being in Kannada bhavan for years now!

Thiruvalluvar:- Hope you enjoy chennai! and I will pray for peace there!

Sarvagna:- Thanks! Hows Bangalore then?

Thiruvalluvar:- Bangalore or chennai? does it matter? (laughs)

Sarvagna:- Well atleast I hoped that they understood that?(laughs in retaliation)

Thiruvalluvar:- Sarvagna, a question? hmm! well what is religion for you?

Sarvagna:-umm! religion is, ok it is something which can be put like this!

Wearing marks of ash,
if one goes to heaven,
a donkey (that rolls in ash) sure goes – Sarvajna

Sarvgana:- what do you say?


No need of tonsure or long hair
If one but avoids what the world condemns –

Sarvgana:- Which one you feel better, chennai or bangalore people?

Thiruvalluvar:- hmmm, i would probably put like this

Birth is alike to all
Excellence is measured only by the deeds – Thiruvalluvar

what do you say?


When light enters Pariah’s dwelling
As it also outcaste for that? Oh talk not of
High caste and outcaste – Sarvajna

Thiruvalluvar:-You know what? we did preach in a similar way? right?

Sarvgna:- Yes! thats what i was wondering, I mean we two are a good company, aren’t we?

Thiruvalluvar:- Yes, i would say

There is no greater aid than good company
Nor worse affliction than bad – Thiruvalluvar

Sarvagna:- I would say

Keeping good company is like tasting Honey
Keeping a bad company is like
Touching the drainage – Sarvajna

Thiruvalluvar:- Ah! (a complete silence) (pause) Sarvagna, did anything change in this world after we left?

Sarvagna:- (understanding th silence) We tried to din’t we?

Thiruvalluvar:- I always wanted a better society!

Sarvagna:- I always wanted a positive harmless society!

Thiruvalluvar:-(with a sad tone) Alas! If only they had Installed our principles in their heart!

Sarvagna:- We always wished to see our preachings installed!

(In chorus…)

Thiruvalluvar and Sarvagna:- and about our idol? ah!!!! well we will leave that aside……….

For a better, meaningful society- Team ThoughtsUnparalleled


10 Comments Add yours

  1. I think the translations could have been better.


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      Hi gopal,
      I have picked up these intercepts of both sarvagna and Thiruvalluvar, these are not translated by me!


  2. Santosh hs says:

    hmm a good effort in translations…anyhow good imagination..sure if thiruvalluvar and sarvajna had been there they would love reading this article( if it isnt in english). 🙂


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      Hi santosh,
      Who knows they might read english as well!


  3. Bharath says:

    The beauty of Indian languages can never be captured by English (and at times, vice versa too), but what really stands out in this article is the satire with the positive message. If only people understand instead of fighting in vain!


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      As you have put, the beauty of any language can never be reproduced in other language!


  4. Nitin says:

    Good one Abhishek.. A very creative article..


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      thanks nithin!



  5. Sumit Dutta says:

    Incredibly funny. Abhi you are a wonderful writer indeed. 🙂


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      Thanks a lot! sumit!


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