Just Another Day- Guest article by Anuradha Kowlagi

It was just another day, another normal day which went by. A ‘not-so-unusual’ situation happened that day. Generally I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but these since I’m on a high analysis mode (maybe my project work flow is slowly beginning to affect me!!), I couldn’t help but realize it.
It all started with one of my friends saying about a guy in our class: “I heard he’s a major snob… “. And then, the dissection of the sentence began.
Why has it become so common these days that everyone from a celebrity to someone whom we know are labeled and given tags based on the popular opinion?
Judging people based on what others tell us. Why?

When we were generally talking about people whom we knew by name and face and not been acquainted with, that’s when I started thinking: “Hey I don’t know this guy in person. Then, why should I believe what is being told about him?” For all you know, that guy may be a huge introvert and has problems speaking to people and people judged him otherwise. And worse, they spread their misconceptions and pass it off for a fact!! The poor guy is never given a chance to disprove it. Why? It is because people barely have time and patience to invest and make judgments on their own. The misunderstandings breed and this is one plague which spares no one including me. Stephen Covey’s son has a word to describe this phenomenon – it is called building paradigms about others. A paradigm is an image we create about others based on what we get to hear about that person specifically and probably never bother to crosscheck.

The general behavior of public is to accept a comment about a third person without putting much insight into it. There are some verified sources that you can trust and there are people who just like to talk negative and then there are some with personal grudges against whom they speak about. One must know how sieve to separate the chaff from the wheat and that again comes with only experience of knowing people around you! So it is like a vicious circle. Ah, but then in today’s world, where time is segmented to a fraction of a second, who has enough heart and willingness to spare a few moments and think about others. Instant decisions and instant images are being conjured up in brains. That’s it and we keep moving on spreading the germ.

The guy about whom I spoke about in the beginning had a bad past and was undergoing a mental turmoil over a couple of years about his personal life. I tried extending a hand of friendship towards him and realized what a wonderful person he actually is. He is one of my best friends I have till date.
That’s when I realized, according to me, how unfair this paradigm was. One thing I know after this incidence in my life is, no matter what people have to say about others, I will always strive to search for the blossomed lotus, in the pond of made up muck!!

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  1. anonymous says:

    Just another article for me.. Started off well, but does not catch the reader’s eye upto the end.


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