Pro-Linguistic struggle or Fame?- By Sriharsha

“A Special Story- Calling for


Demonstrations, strikes, slogans and what not, how many times have u witnessed our pro linguistic activist fighting for their rights or as they put it ‘our rights’. This is not any ordinary struggle; this is a struggle against our language our dignity and a new wave is created every time when there are such demonstrations. Our Indian democracy approves freedom of speech to everyone in the country, but should there be any restrictions or limitation to this? Especially when such freedom is misused to a larger extent. Thanks to Globalization; today it is a need of the hour to save the local culture, tradition and language. But sometimes, under the shades of protecting our language or local dignity some organizations have been exploiting peoples’ sentiments and their by despoiling their money. Our politics doesn’t lack behind in supporting such activities.

Bengaluru has been a home for many such organizations because of its importance globally. Of course not all organizations are exploiting the situation, but most of them have become a paradise for politicians and goons. Instead of protecting Kannada and Karnataka, they are spreading fear and trying to harm our country’s Integrity. This is gradually creating a bad image of Bengaluru. The most ridiculous thing in Bengaluru is when the leaders of some prominent pro-Kannada organizations don’t know how to speak Kannada and most of its members are non-kannadigas. I wonder if this is the case, then how Kannada in Bengaluru will be protected. Money is what matters to these Organizations and creating a riot is like a child-play to them

The real questions of the hour is do we still need Kannada Organizations operating in Bengaluru?? Are all such organizations corrupt? The answer is NO. It is absolutely necessary to have pro-Kannada organizations. We indeed are in a situation where we have to protect our own language, tradition and culture. There are some organizations which have really revolutionized the scene in all districts of Karnataka by successfully creating awareness amongst the people. Be it the agitation in Hogenakal or in Bijapur, Pro-Kannada Organizations have always demonstrated the power or Karnataka and raised its voice against the injustice to Karnataka

Does Bengaluru, a real Cosmopolitan city need such an organization? Obviously we don’t want a fascist organization with chauvinistic values. In Bengaluru, the main threats are, due to the huge inflow of people from other places, people seldom talk in Kannada and most of us in Bengaluru don’t know or don’t try to learn the local language. Apart from this, the poor farmers in and around Bengaluru face a huge threat of losing their agricultural lands to big Land Mafia which has prominently emerged in Bengaluru. This in turn becomes a burden to common man as the realty prices sore. Due to this, the local Bengalurian is deprived of a dwelling place in his own home land.

The other major issue is, the opportunities to the local talent. While all major corporations want their presence in Bengaluru, they are ignoring the local talent and employing people from other places. Unfortunately this has been the case with many Central Government Organizations as well. Same is the case with local artistes. They are sidelined to the core.

We need a platform to raise our voice against such injustice and to spread awareness. The Kannada Organizations in Bengaluru are already waging war against such social plagues. But with some changes in these organizations, a real revolution can be done. Such organizations should be empowered by some well educated visionaries who have a highly respected position in society. They need to come out of their shells and fight for the society.

Instead of spreading violence and hatredness, we really need to spread the awareness. We have to make the people coming from other places to Bengaluru, love our language and culture instead of enforcing them. We should understand that ultimately we all belong to one country India and we will be the most powerful if united.

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  1. Ashutosh says:

    From what you said… “The other major issue is, the opportunities to the local talent. While all major corporations want their presence in Bengaluru, they are ignoring the local talent and employing people from other places. Unfortunately this has been the case with many Central Government Organizations as well. Same is the case with local artistes. They are sidelined to the core.”

    Are you sure about this? Why would major corporations ignore local talent? If the local talent is better than the outside, no one cares. They will only lose the job if they are not good enough.
    Coming to the local artistes, I am no artist but I am sure that if the requirement is of someone who know kannada, why would they chose a north indian.
    The only difference we are seeing is the increased competition. period.
    We should look to reduce the prejudice people have against outsiders. It exists and thats a fact. If that is gone, everything falls in place.


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      Sidelining the local talent just doesnt mean that big MNCs are the culprits. Here the issue is at a broader sense which means majorly our governament is doing that. It is not a small issue because the lower middle-class population looking for a job in the Governament is much more larger than the MNC going population here. Just that we fail to notice their plight and think only in our perspective. And how do MNCs do that? Do you think their recruitment is a fair process? They go to all colleges in some other part of our country and to lesser colleges in Karnataka which means we are discriminated.

      As far as your second comment goes, there are two ways of thinking. 1) As you have pointed, we can take it as a competition and compete. Afterall its a flat world and oppurtunities should be equal. But the catch here is, it is not even about non-localites being better than local artistes. It is just because, people think its an extra fillip in their promotion if the “Others” are in their projects.

      Again mind you this is not just about Movies and Sonu Nigam!! I am talking about the grass root level bias. For example, if a localite and a non-localite attend a competition, no matter how bad or how good they are, non-localite already would have an edge over the localite. As an artiste myself, I have observed so many of such things…


  2. Ashutosh says:

    I dont get it. If a corporate has an office space in Bangalore, is it obligatory to go to the local colleges. They should but why expect all that. They just have their office space here. More often than not its not even a Karnataka owned company.

    My point is:
    This is not just the story with Bangalore. Its everywhere. It exists in Bombay since the early 1900s and it exists even now.
    I have seen it all my life. The hindi film industry is born in Bombay. But how many Maharashtrians do you see?
    Sonu nigam sings for Marathi although we have extremely good Marathi singers.
    A parallel world runs everywhere. What we are seeing in Bangalore recently is the story of the world.

    Having said that, I am not saying we take it as it comes. We have to suck it up and fight it. But we should not blame the outsiders for it. They are here to earn a living. Lets not turn into another Australia.
    If what you say is true about the grass root level prejudice, fight with them, and as I said suck it up and compete.


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