Whatever Happens- Guest Article By Milana Jagadish

I’m a Software Test engineer and by qualification I have done by B.E in Biotechnology. As you can all see there’s no logical link between what I have studied and what I am doing and I know there are many others who are like me in this respect. Many a times I think what the fuss is all about when we are deciding the stream that we are going to specialize in when we are ultimately going to do something unrelated.

I remember very well how hell bent I was about doing Engineering when I was done with my 12th but I couldn’t figure out which stream I would fit in. In 2002 the IT industry was not doing too well so Computer Science was ruled out, Mechanical and Civil were meant for guys and not for girls was my opinion. So Electronics was the best suited option for me at that point of time. When I went for my CET counseling, I realized that there were many likeminded people like me because Electronics was ‘THE’ subject and it was selling like hot cakes. With great difficulty I managed to get a seat in a fairly good college during the first round and I was very happy even though somewhere in the corner of my mind there was always a doubt lingering in my mind if I could really excel in it.

The second round of admissions was something that everyone was looking out for. Some wanted to get into a better college, some wanted to change their course and some wanted to change both the course and the college. This was when the much hyped and talked about subject, Biotechnology came into picture. They were introducing this for the very first time in Karnataka and when I heard about it, I knew that BT and I were meant to be. I always liked life sciences and to actually do Engineering in a subject that dealt with it was like a dream come true. My parents were very supportive of this fact and I decided to go for it with dreams of getting into glamorous jobs like forensics where people are actually unraveling crimes through the help of DNA or genetics etc.

I finally managed to do my Engineering in Biotechnology and because of my interest in the subject I got good results as well. I am pretty sure I would have had numerous back logs if I were in Electronics. It was not very long before everyone realized that the hype surrounding the subject was just hype and all the big proposals of setting up a BT park and millions of jobs being created remained a dream. The course no doubt was one of the most interesting things to learn about but the job scene was not quite impressive at that time. During the 6th Semester, everyone’s focus was more towards getting a job, not many people really cared if the job they were getting had anything to do with what they had been studying for the past couple of years. Everyone wanted a job that would pay them well.

Many of the companies were really apprehensive about the role of BT engineers in their software company and didn’t want us attending the interview. That’s when the frustration set in. It’s a strange feeling when you see people around you getting job offers while you are just sitting around and gaping at them. At that time it doesn’t matter if you were better than that guy academically. Many people had plans of higher studies but even they wanted a job because getting a job was like a confidence booster. I would get irritated when I would see people having more than one job offer attending yet another interview. When everyone had almost attended 30-40 placement interviews, I had attended only 3 interviews because there were no BT companies who came for interviews at that time. When I had almost given up hopes of getting a job, Cerner happened to me. I really wanted to get in here because it is a Healthcare IT company, they were paying well and they were also keen on having Biotech students along with others.

Today I have no complaints about not getting into a hard core Biotech job. Your happiness and unhappiness all depends on how you look at life. Trust me when I say whatever happens, happens for the good.

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  1. Akanksha says:

    What is the purpose of writing this article? The title and the content seems out of place completely.


  2. Milana says:

    This article is my perception of how I thought things were going in the wrong direction and how things finally turned out to be good. Sometimes you dont need a purpose for writing an article. I’m not educating anyone by my posts. These are my views which I thought I should share because I know there are many people out there who have experienced a very similar situation as mine.


  3. Bharadwaj says:

    I agree that this article is your perception and that there is no purpose required for writing an article.
    If you want to share experiences from your personal life, they can be posted on your personal blog which would be read by many people.

    The only purpose of me visiting thoughtsunparalleled till date was to view articles which are anything but personal experiences. Maybe the moderators could post links of personal blogs for such articles. Moreover I see the blog deviating from the Bengaluru Parishe theme.. I really miss that magazine. I’m hoping for it to come back soon. I still remember the initial editions when it came out, and was forwarded to me by one of my mutual friends. All my friends across the globe started subscribing for it when i mailed them a copy of it.

    Looking forward to reading Bengaluru Parishe !!!!
    Also posting a personal experience by generalizing it maybe fine on such portals but articles which talk about personal of personal things should be in personal blogs please. This is just my point of view.
    I appreciate the team for bringing in thoughtsunparalleled while Bengaluru Parishe is undergoing changes. Great job guys !!!!


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      Hi Bharadwaj

      Greetings from thoughtsUnparalleled!

      Thanks for those encouraging comments! We love those words! perhaps it is because of you guys that we are able to bring what ever the best we can! We Completely understand your point! and we respect everything that you have mentioned! but on a rare occasion we do let our guest writers to shell out few personal moments which might be completely alien to many others. You know at the end of the day we are all here to spread joy! Going ahead we will make sure that you will be not be a given a chance to complain! this is our promise
      Bharadwaj, also just to let you know! that with Thoughts Unparallled, the flare of Bengaluru is just increasing, every article that is featured today is some where related to bengaluru! be it MCG or 1 Socialite or many other articles! It was only after we got huge requests to go global we started putting articles form the west!
      Just to re-iterate we have all the same old flare for our on thoughts, The QUIZ, NALAPAKA- would be soon coming, SUTTA MUTTA- is starting next week, Interviews:- The team is already working on it. So you can catch everything that was there in pdf here on thoughts, We kindly request you to subscribe to Thoughts Unparalleled and help us to grow further in the same way you helped Bengaluru parishe to grow because of which we are here today!

      thank you once again for your views! please let us know in the same way! so that we can grow bigger and better and please do support us!


  4. Akanksha says:

    Milana, may be you should consider what Bhardwaj suggested .Start your own personal blog so that you can share your articles with many more people who have experienced a very similar situation as yours .


    1. thoughtsunparalleled says:

      Hi Akanksha!

      Thank you! We will make sure that we will not bring out too many personal things! This is the first case of such and wil remains as first, thank you for supporting thoughtsunparalleled, Please support us to grow further and better



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