HiJras-A Threat?? By Abhishek Iyengar

The city of Bangalore has undergone a forceful change from what it used to be! One such sudden change these days are the HiJras! History has its say that HiJras are part and parcel of every society or every “Yuga” be it “Dwapar”, “Treta” or the present “Kali” but were they a threat?

The first fear that used to cringe in every South-Indian (to my knowledge!) while traveling to Mumbai on a second class compartment is the torture guys(boys) had to undergo! with these HiJras! I remember the times when i used to book AC compartments just to avoid all the imperil created by hiJras, “Yikes!” huh! What was limited more to Mumbai and northern territory has now slowly crawled its way to the Silicon City! why not? there is more business here! and we all look for a ‘Bright Future’.

The root of the problem started when people found out this way as an easy means of Living, According to my knowledge, as per the history HiJras have never been begging! ‘especially on roads!’ taunting people, forcing them to pay or mouthing out the most deadly words if shooed away! HiJras of today have carved a niche for themselves on Bengaluru Traffic signals! day by day the frequency of HiJras on each signal is increasing adding to the ruth of motorists! “traffic”-“PotHoles”-“PoliceMan”-“Accidents” and now “HiJras!”

Were there so many HiJras in our society? or it is just a new profession? If being HiJras was a natural phenomenon then what made this drastic imbalance in our eco-system? Suddenly today you find hundreds! Or it is just another aspect of globalisation where people are now in the mindset of accepting hiJras more openly! on “Traffic Signals!” Hundreds of Questions are raised every time whenever I see a HiJra on a signal! Where are the SOCIO’s ? Hundreds of NGO’s are setup to rehabilitate these HiJras, alas! I had seen atleast one in action on any of the traffic signals! The Hand of LAW is too short to tackle these kind of menace on roads! Our own policeman! stand there quietly only to add to the raising agony of the people! The hand of LAW is too short! begging is not a punishable act in INDIA! and how many of us bother to really complaint or approach LAW in this case! “All that we do is zoom away and reach the next signal!” to find a fresh batch!

What best can be done to avoid this? or change this? We only “question”, “Blame” or “don’t bother!” Only thing that persists is the problem!


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  1. Vijay says:

    Looks like you wrote this post right after getting off the roads, so your frustration shows large on this post !!
    Anyways, you bring up a good subject, something thats perhaps difficult to talk about openly, without bringing up the subject of sexuality.

    Hijra’s have never been a threat. They’re social outcasts who are looked down upon by every section of Indian society.

    It’d be a more complex, intriguing and interesting to understand who Hijra’s are sociologically..

    Its all about opening our mind to diverse kinds of people.

    We have created a barrier between us ‘normal’ people and ‘them’ – this fear and loathing is a result . As for the nuisance at the traffic light, the more you fear them the more powerful they will be.


    1. Rakesh says:

      Hi All,
      Hijras are a menace to the society, and the nation also. They should stop demanding money from the public and go and work some where.

      I think hijras are a should be banned in India…..


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