Recession is a word that is being used by everyone today. Invariably this word crops up in every discussion or a debate. It is a word that is used by a little toddler to an old man. Every single person knows the meaning of Recession and I am sure the topics related to recession and economy is the most surfed on the internet.

The Indian economy is going through a lean patch now and we the common men are suffering the brunt. The sense of insecurity is growing among individuals, a simple task of shifting jobs for a software engineer is become nothing less than a nightmare, housewives being hooked to the business channels and making investments in the mutual funds and stocks have just shut that part of their lifestyle, Builders are not building lavish apartments but are now moving on to build economically conducive single roomed flats and there is no talking about the grocery and miscellaneous items whose prices are rocketing every minute.

Where is our country heading now, we being a predominantly service oriented nation will always be hit by an economic crisis when one of the super power faces a recession. The rupee is gradually depreciating against the dollar, a dollar which used to be around Rs.41 a few months ago is now close to Rs.50, and do you think these figures say that the American economy is booming? No, it is the Indian economy that is going down. The main reason being even though India is a self sufficient country which can produce and self sustain itself is siphoning out millions in foreign exchange on products that can be grown, produced and consumed here.

We are in a crisis and a bad one; it is solely in our hands to save the economy of our country. If we do not take proper steps now we will be left in a critical situation spreading our hands for aids and funds, a scenario which will be no worse than pre independence. Do u want to see your country in this situation, its time you wake up and work for a cause, a cause to help your country bail out of this turmoil?

It is not a stupendous task, but a simple way by which you could help in improving the situation. It’s not a brain storming session of maintaining huge balance sheets or follow the didactic instructions of the Finance minister or the several news channels that are ever willing to share a zillion of their views. All that is required for us to do is reduce our consumption and usage of the foreign products like cosmetics, beverages, snacks and other products that sell only due to brand value.

For example a drink or cola which costs only 70 or 80 paisa to produce is sold at much more than Rs 10 and a major chunk of the profit is sent abroad, this being a serious drain to the Indian economy. Over all this, to add to our burden, economic sanctions are imposed on us. It is time where we have to use our brains and put our ego behind by using the products wholly manufactured by Indian companies like cosmetics, eatables, automobiles and so on which are no less inferior to the foreign brands. This will not only help the Indian economy but in turn will also help the Indian small scale industries to a large extent. Our companies are the future of our economy and the way towards self sustenance.

You need not have to change your complete lavish lifestyle but just make a small sacrifice by using at least one item that is wholly manufactured in India, you just should find an alternate product for at least 2 years or more till our country recovers . We do not have anything against the Multinational companies, but it is the call of the hour and for every individual to be aware that however small a cause it may be to save our economy, it will have a deep impact in turn towards the growth of our country.

It is in our hands as to where we see ourselves head from here. So do make the right moves and take the right steps. India is in your hands, its CITIZENS.


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  1. germeine says:

    Another thoughtfull one by the ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep rocking Gautu……………



  2. Chetan says:

    Nice thought dude…..
    keep posting….!!



  3. Nitin says:

    Hey gautam.. This one got a bit serious.. Will be looking forward to some light articles from you..

    But your posts are simply awesome maga !!!


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