Everyone in this world is unhappy with their life.

Everyone is inclined to think that the grass is greener on the other side.
As harsh as it may sound, we are all pretty hypocritic.

Although no one follows it, all of us end up telling a miserable person…”Why does it bother you so much. You will get your turn.”
In the process of running to get to the horizon, trying to get what seems like happiness and satisfaction, we tend to pass the finer things in life like flash bulb moments.

I know, this sounds clichéd, but some times, some events in our life reminds us of this. Here’s one such event that brought my feet back to the ground, brought things back to perspective for me.
It was a Tuesday. I had taken a break from work, just to get a feel of staying at home on a weekday. There was no specific reason for such an abrupt break, just a day to laze maybe.
Around half past 2 in the afternoon, it was that time of the day, which they say when even dogs feel sleepy.

I was surfing and wading through the television and the door bell rang.

It had to be a Door-to-door salesman. These folks always come during the afternoon and break your sleep like the little gnomes from fairy tales.

And it was a salesman. My mother opened the door.

Let me brief you about my mother; she’s what they call a “godly” person. She just cannot refuse these salesman and send them on their way.

I on the other hand, not so godly, have a different perspective.
I feel that you must refuse them immediately so that they dont waste their time explaining – or should I say babbling about- their products. After all time is money isnt it?

This time, it was different.

The person at the door was a very old man, somewhere in his late 50s or early 60s. But he looked much older than that to be honest.

He looked extremely weak and tired and was carrying a 40 pound bag on his shoulders, which could not even take 10.

That was just a tip of the iceberg with respect to his problems. He was well dressed, wearing a nice shirt, trousers and a nice tie to go with it.

To worsen things, he stammered when he spoke, and I am not talking about partial stammering, I mean stammering where the person cannot go for 3 continuous words without stopping.

Everything about him brought tears to my eyes, and trust me on this one, its not easy to make me cry.

All the pity suddenly seemed wrong when I looked at his wrinkled face. No, its not that he did not deserve the pity and sympathy. He difinitely did.

But what stopped me from sympathising him was his smile. He wore a smile that demanded respect, that said I AM SATISFIED, and more importantly that said I AM HAPPY.
Now, as I said, he stammered, but that did not stop him from giving a very detailed explanation of the product. All of this with a smile. I could bet my last dime that there
weren’t a lot of people who would have the time or patience to wait and listen to him speak.

It took him 5 minutes to say something that would have taken us 2. But that did not matter to him.
in the end I ended up buying 3 of his products. And what he said after that shattered me completely.

He said and I quote “Thank you Sir, you will love the products. This is my first sale in 2 weeks. Thanks a lot. You saved my job”

Its not the fact that I bought some stuffs from him that satisfied me. Its the fact that I made his day and probably saved his job ( and I believe him when he said that).
This little ordeal got me wondering. What are we, as in human beings, running after – a good job, a hefty salary, opportunity to travel around the world.

What does a person like the salesman (I did not ask his name unfortunately) I met look for?
Peace. An assurance that he will be going to work the next day he wakes up from sleep. A nice evening with his family who don’t care if he stammers, who don’t care that he sells products for a living, who don’t care that he has to stand up to a lot of abuse from people who don’t even know who he is.

All that matters to them is the fact that HE is with them.

Come to think about it, isnt that what our family wants too? Isnt that what we should be longing for?

Isnt that what should be our goal in life.

Why doesn’t it matter how many people we trample on our way to success, just so that we are on top.

In the “pursuit of happiness”, why do we forget the time we get to spend with the people who care about us the most.

Why do we forget to enjoy the finer things in life!!

Why do we forget that in running behind money, fame and all other materialistic needs, we end up running in circles!!

And most importantly, why do we forget that even if we do get this so called success we would still be unhappy.

We should never let family be an afterthought of life.

As a human being, I know that these things will ponder in our mind for some time.

But before you know it, we will be back on our pursuit of happiness.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. amritam says:

    Well written article, and a thought provoking one as well. Very true for all of us who have forgotten the real meaning of happiness and continuously search for it in places where they are least likely to find.


  2. anshuman says:

    You have hit the nail on the head. Very true for this generation. As Chris Gardner quotes “Maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue. And maybe we can actually never have it no matter what!!”


  3. Manas says:

    Nicely put across.


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